Not only do they present a breathtaking array of rugs in many styles, sizes and colors, they are also experts at taking care of the rugs one may have purchased at their store or elsewhere. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger house so that I could justify buying more rugs from them.

- Almuth, customer


Hand Washing

Restoration & Repair


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At Larchmere Oriental Rugs we pride ourselves on our unique hand washing service. We offer free pick-up service (within the Northeast Ohio area) within 48 hours of your call to us. And when we pick-up, we will move your furniture – you don’t need to. Depending on the size of the rug and the weather (we like to dry the rugs outside whenever possible), we can return your rug within a week.

Rugs are washed on both sides and cleaned thoroughly by hand using soap and water – we do not use machines or chemicals of any kind. We also air dry the rugs on a hanging pulley system indoors and, when weather permits, we dry the rugs outdoors.

We will consult with you on stains that may be hard to remove and let you know when stain removal is not possible. And we have a pet/animal odor removal treatment as well.

Rugs should be washed every three to five years as regular vacuuming does not remove all accumulated dust and dirt. The more a rug is washed, the better it will look – the wool softens and the colors gleam. We charge $2.75 per square foot to wash rugs.


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At Larchmere Oriental Rugs, repairs are done by hand to mend edges and ends of handmade rugs, where signs of wear and tear show up first. In the case of extensive repair work, we would recommend sending the rug to our workshop in Turkey where weavers would match the pattern, colors and wool to restore your rug to its original condition. Such repairs may take months to complete – but you will have a rug that will last ages.

We do museum-quality restoration of old and antique rugs. Much of the work is done in our Larchmere store, but we also have a workshop in Turkey where more extensive work is carried out.

Erdogan Gezer, owner of Larchmere Oriental Rugs, has over 40 years’ experience repairing and restoring rugs. He started restoring rugs for antique dealers in the U.S., taking the rugs to his workshop in Turkey. Since opening the retail store, this work has continued on site as well.

Larchmere Oriental Rugs can also conduct appraisals of your rug(s) for insurance purposes. And our expertise extends to providing age and provenance for your rugs as well. We come to your home, photograph the rug(s) and produce a document for your records with all the pertinent information. The cost for the full written appraisal is $150 for the first rug and $100 for each subsequent rug. We can also provide a verbal opinion at no cost if you bring your rug to our store.